Anti- wrinkle injections, or more commonly known as Botox

Anti- wrinkle injections, or more commonly known as Botox, are used to combat stubborn facial lines and wrinkles. It works by temporarily relaxing the overactive facial muscles that are responsible for facial wrinkles such as crows feet, forehead and frown lines. Made of a purified protein, they are injected using very fine needles into the target muscles which pinpoint problem areas. The protein blocks the nerve signals which are responsible for muscle contraction allowing the muscle to relax. As these muscles relax, the overlying skin remains smooth. Treatment minimises the appearance of lines and wrinkles leaving the client looking natural, younger and fresher. Botox injections are also used to treat Bunny lines (nose), Lip Flip, Gummy Smile, Masseter muscles (jaw muscles for clenching/grinding) and Underarm Sweating. Treatment usually takes 30 minutes and lasts generally 3-4months (this is client and factor dependent). A two week follow up appointment is given after initial treatment to make sure the client is happy! Anti-Wrinkle Injections (price depends on area treated, the number of areas treated and amount of botox required for desired result)

Cost from €250-500

Anti Wrinkle